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Flood Barriers

FLOOD BARRIERS, Flood Doors, and Glass Flood Barriers from Savannah Trims, Inc.™ offer many options to removable aluminum barriers. Our Flood Fence and Flood Railing offers protection from temporary flooding of building perimeters and building entries. Our Barriers are FEMA compliant with the NFIP standards for flood barrier protection in A and AE Flood Zones per Technical Bulletin 3-98.

Engineered aluminum flood protection using flood barriers protects glass storefront and building elements from flood waters. These flood panels are especially engineered to meet FEMA and NFIP requirements. Click here for info on Glass Flood BarriersGlass Flood.

Aluminum flood panels can weigh up to 60% less than their steel counterparts. Flood panels and flood barriers have been utilized in flood planes for window and door protection since 1967.

Flood doors can be aluminum and glass or hollow metal. Our flood doors have been tested to 60 inches of water depth with minimal seepage. Like a flood barrier but better. See this link for more… Flood Doors work for you 24/7/365.

  • Meets Hydrostatic and Impact Resistance.
  • Complies with NFIP, FEMA, and ASCE 7-05
  • Fully Removable Assembly Including Subframe Components.
  • Lightweight Aluminum Provides for Ease of Installation and Storage.
  • Fully Engineered for Site Conditions.
  • Extremely Competitive.

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Hinged Flood Gates

Hinged Flood GateIn areas where frequent flooding occurs, property can be properly and effectively protected with Flood Gates and Barriers. Because flooding is unpredictable and warnings generally late and limited, labor intensive products like sandbags are both inadequate and impractical. Sandbags do not meet the minimum requirements for watertight flood proofing set forth by the National Flood Insurance Program.

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